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Order Canada's #1 Most Accurate & Reliable "GOLD STANDARD" Radon Gas Detector



Radon tests can be performed by a homeowner or you can hire someone to measure the radon level in your home. It is important that they are certified under the "Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP)". Please do not hesitate to contact Algoma Radon Testing if you require their expertise and service.


Concerned Home Owner's Radon Test


Perform the "RADON TESTING" yourself...Radon Detectors come in two durations...short- term "four to ten day" or "long-term "up to three months..."



Health Canada recommends a radon test duration of at least three months with a minimum of one month. A twelve month test would be optimal.  However in some cases, a more rapid indication or snapshot of the radon level (typically 4 to 10 days) may be required, such as in a real estate transaction or if a home owner is concerned and does not want to wait a long period of time.


Don't let the SECOND LEADING cause of LUNG CANCER stand in your way of living a long healthy life.

                                                          Every LUNG deserves a FIGHT against CANCER.

Sub-slab and Sump Hole Radon Mitigation Depressurization Systems


Save 25 % on the GOLD Standard of Radon Detectors

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Radon Gas results available via email within two days of receiving detector for analysis.

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Short-Term Radon Detector 

4 to 10 day test

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$120 -25% = $90.00

Long-Term Radon Detector 

91 day test

Long-Term Radon Detector 

 91 day 

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$175.00 -25% = $131.25

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$115 - 25% = $86.25

Real Estate Transactions requires  a minimum 4 day testing period using a short-term radon detectors. The radon result will offer an excellent snap shot of the radon level in home home or building.

Consideration should be given to purchasing the larger Radon Detector  when conducting testing in a home or workplace with greater than 1500 square feet.


To obtain accurate and reliable results ``Closed House Conditions" must be implemented during Short -Term radon monitoring periods. Detailed instructions included with radon monitor.

Health Canada estimates that over 3200 Canadians die each year as a result of exposure to high levels of RADON in their homes and workplace. Approximately 16% of all LUNG CANCERS is attributed to radon exposure.



Algoma Radon Testing is a "Canadian-Certified National Radon Proficiency Program Company",(C-NRPP) recognized by Health Canada as Radon Professionals.

Algoma Radon Testing is a proud member of the "Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists" (CARST)

Professional Radon Testing and Mitigation Consulting
Professional Radon Testing and Mitigation Consulting

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