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Radon tests can be performed by a homeowner or you can hire someone to measure the radon level in your home. It is important that they are certified under the "Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP)". Please do not hesitate to contact Algoma Radon Testing if you require their expertise and service.


Concerned Home Owner's Radon Test


Perform the "RADON TESTING" yourself...Test kits come in two durations...short term "two to seven day" or long term "one month up to three months..."



Health Canada recommends a radon test duration of at least three months with a minimum of one month. A twelve month test would be optimal.  However in some cases, a more rapid indication or snapshot of the radon level (typically 2 to 7 days) may be required, such as in a real estate transaction or if a home owner is concerned and does not want to wait a long period of time.



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Damage to a cell from the release of radioactive energy from alpha particles in your LUNGS!


  1. Cell can die

  2. Cell can repair itself

  3. DNA incorporates an error, creates abnormal cell, produces a LUNG TUMOR

Short Term E-perm Radon Test KIt

2 to 7 day test

Short Term E-perm Radon Test KIt

30 day test

Long Term E-perm Radon Test Kit

90 day 

Long Term E-perm Radon Test Kit

 90 day 


$115.00 -25% = $86.25

$125.00 -25% = $93.75


$175.00 -25% = $131.25

$115 - 25% = $86.25

Please note Two short-term detectors are required for real estate transactions. A short-term detector will offer an excellent snap shot of the radon level in your home.


Eperm Chambers


Long / Short Term Electrets


To obtain accurate and reliable results ``Closed House Conditions" must be implemented during Short Term radon monitoring periods. Detailed instructions included with radon monitor.

The following is included in the service price for testing:


  • Free shipping from lab to the client

  • All laboratory analysis fees

  • Detailed easy to follow installation instructions

  • Formal letter from manager explaining results and recommendations

  • Access to live support for any question or concerns and speak to a Certified Home Radon Measurement Professional.

Radon Report & Results

Algoma Radon Testing  is committed to timely and accurate reporting of radon test results. The radon report and analysis results will be issued in a timely manner after radon monitors have been received. Radon test results can be made available by email within a day of receiving the detectors.


Canada's Mike Holmes from TV show, "Holmes on Holmes" shows off Canada's gold standard, "E-perm Radon Detector".

Holmes "Makes it Right"