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Why Algoma Radon Testing?

Algoma Radon Testing is a provider of high-quality radon gas detecting devices and has been conducting radon testing and consulting on radon mitigation installations since 1977. We are certified by the "Canadian - National Radon Proficiency Program" (C-NRPP), and recognized by Health Canada as "Radon Measurement Professionals". Algoma Radon Testing is a member of the "Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists" (CARST).


Luc Lance, proprietor of Algoma Radon Testing has been involved in radon testing and radon mitigation for over 43 years. Having the opportunity to work in the Environmental Control Field he is able to bring an abundance of expertise and knowledge to the radon industry. He continues to keep up to date on new technology and developments in radon testing and mitigation methods. He is a certified, "Radon Measurement and Analytical Provider".


Having Algoma Radon Testing be of service to you means working with honesty and integrity. We offer knowledge, advice, share expertise and aim to identify solutions to improve the air you breathe.




Conducting a gamma radiation scan on a rock face containing Uranium located near homes in Elliot Lake, Ont.

alpha and gamma radiation

A bit of History.

Elliot Lake Ontario, was the first city in Canada (1977) to be legislated to address radon levels in homes and buildings. Radon testing and mitigation is mandated by the "Ontario Building Code". This means that all new building construction requires radon testing in order to obtain an "Occupancy Permit", allowing the unit to be occupied. The radon levels must not exceed 200 Bq/m3 (0.020 Working Levels). This code is still in effect today (2023). 

Radon Gas Depressurization System

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