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Understand your risk from elevated radon exposure

Radon Level (Bq/m3)       Health RISK


150 Bq/m3               Equals 200 chest x-rays per year

                                   8 cigarettes per day


300 Bq/m3               Equals 400 chest x-rays per year

                                   16 cigarettes per day


375 Bq/m3               Equals 500 chest x-rays per year

                                   20 cigarettes per day


560 Bq/m3               Equals 750 chest x-rays per year

                                   30 cigarettes per day


750 Bq/m3               Equals 1000 chest x-rays per year

                                   40 cigarettes per day


1500 B/m3               Equals 2000 chest x-rays per year

                                    80 cigarettes per day


3750 Bq/m3             Equals 5000 chest x-rays per year

                                   200 cigarettes per day

Health Canada's RADON Action Guideline = 200 Bq/m3

Health Canada recommendations for mitigation are as follows:


  • radon levels between 200 Bq/m3 and 600 Bq/m3 should be mitigated within two years

  • radon levels above 600 Bq/m3 should be mitigated within one year

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