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Radon and Real Estate


For the past several years efforts have been made to focus on radon testing as well as radon mitigation for new and existing homes. During a real estate transaction the purchase and sale of a home offers a good opportunity for the seller and the buyer to address these concerns.


If you are buying or selling a home you should consider having a radon test performed. Before you buy, determine if the home has dangerous levels of radon before final sales transaction. Short Term radon tests using E-perm Radon Monitors or a Continuous Radon Monitor can be completed in just two days. There are however, very important protocols for taking Short Term radon tests and it is imperative that they be strictly followed.


If you are selling a home consider the benefits of radon testing your home. Have a Short Term test of two or more days to see if you have a radon problem. Allow time to address the problem in a timely manner. Your ``radon free home`` will be more attractive to potential buyers than one that has not been tested. Having radon problems addressed prior to a sale will ensure a smoother transaction.


If there is a Radon Reduction System installed to reduce radon levels, have it checked to insure it is functioning as designed. A properly operating system will give you years of living in a radon free environment.


Real estate professionals address many aspects of buying and selling homes. However, they should not be offering technical advice regarding radon testing and health risks. This should be addressed by certified radon measurement providers and local health authorities.






Considering purchasing or selling a home. The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists introduces a new guideline for "Conducting a Radon Screening Assessment as Part of a Real Estate Transaction of a Residential Dwelling in Canada" . 

The guidance contained within is based on the recommendations of HEALTH CANADA for radon measurements in residential dwellings.

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