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Exposure to high levels of Radon Gas in your home or workplace is one of the primary causes of LUNG CANCER.

Long-term exposure to radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and is the leading cause of lung cancer for people who have never smoked. Lung cancer caused by this silent killer can be prevented. Testing is the only way to be sure you are living in a safe and healthy environment.


Radon gas can be found in all areas of Canada no matter where you live.

Approximately 7% of all homes in Canada have radon levels above Health Canada's action guideline of 200 Bq/m3. This means that many Canadians are being exposed to levels that could increase their risk of developing "LUNG CANCER". There are no areas of the country that are "RADON FREE", but there are areas of Canada where high levels of indoor radon are more prevalent.


Radon gas levels in your home or workplace can be reduced.

Making indoor environments healthier and safer can be accomplished through radon mitigation. Hundreds of homes in Canada and across the world have reduced radon levels and as a result hundreds of lives have been saved.



          Test for RADON GAS today!

Protect you and your family at home, school and workplace from the risk of developing Lung Cancer.                  


How exposure to high levels of radon causes Lung Cancer.

Damage to a cell from the release of radioactive energy from alpha particles in your LUNGS!


  1. Cell can die

  2. Cell can repair itself

  3. DNA incorporates an error, creates abnormal cell, produces a LUNG TUMOR

Radon Gas and Real Estate

Considering purchasing or selling a home. The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists introduces a new guideline for "Conducting a Radon Screening Assessment as Part of a Real Estate Transaction of a Residential Dwelling in Canada" . 

The guidance contained within is based on the recommendations of HEALTH CANADA for radon measurements in residential dwellings.

Health Canada estimates that over 3200 Canadians die each year as a result of exposure to high levels of RADON in their homes and workplace. Approximately 16% of all LUNG CANCERS is attributed to radon exposure.



Professional Radon Testing and Mitigation Consulting
Professional Radon Testing and Mitigation Consulting

Algoma Radon Testing is a proud member of the "Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists" (CARST)

Algoma Radon Testing is a "Canadian-Certified National Radon Proficiency Program Company",(C-NRPP) recognized by Health Canada as Radon Professionals.

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